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Pyzdry as an enterprising town

The Commune and Town Pyzdry is situated in eastern part of the Province of Wielkopolska, in the Country of Września. The Commune has a population of over 7 thousand (60% people in productive age). The main townhouse is Pyzdry (located 70km away from Poznań).

Pyzdry owes convenient location for investment to national road no. A2 situated nearby. Regional road no. 466 which goes through Pyzdry crosses with interchange in Słupca only 15km apart. Next interchange is in Września (20km apart), which is linked with Pyzdry by regional road no. 442.

The town Pyzdry is fully issued with waterworks and sanitary sewage systems which function in accordance with modernized sewage works. Besides, on the territory of the town there is a mine of natural gas utilizing local seams. Nowadays, there are preparations for gasification in order to ensure further traders a possibility to use this resource of energy. Local government tries to create the best conditions for enterprise’s development. The town and also most villages are involved in Local Plans of Spatial Development. Investors who create new workplaces are predicted to get an exemption from taxation. With each passing year, town’s infrastructure is improved, particularly on local roads and water and sewage system.

The best recommendations for Pyzdry are entrepreneurs who successfully have functioned here for many years and especially those who manufacture own products (mainly for export). At the moment, the biggest company situated in Pyzdry employs about 240 workers.

There are outlined grounds for economic activation along regional road no. 442 (Września-Kalisz). The area of these lands is diverse and reaches even 6 ha. They mostly belong to private owners, who authorize the Mayor of Pyzdry for leading any promotional actions among potential investors.


Therefore, we invite for familiarizing with the offer and invest in our area!